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Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? This is the story of Shyam and Archana, who are from two different states of India, deeply in love with each other. Their love story turns in to a happy love marriage but one fine day Shyam is kidnapped by some strangers. Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? After months he escapes from place with help of newly kidnapped girl Charmi only to know Archana is missing. Was Archna also in the wrong time at the wrong place or somewhere in the past lie the answer of her disappearance? Shyam joins forces with Charmi as he has no choice but to find Archana. When Shyam knows their kidnapping was just a small part of big conspiracy, he tastes the fear he hasn’t imagined. Can he find Archana? Will his life be normal as before or he would be a wandered forever?

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Vicky Trivedi is a famous author of the Gujarati language. He is a writer, a translator, and a poet. He has contributed more than ten novels, two hundred short stories, more than a hundred poems, and a couple of dramas in Gujarati literature. Among ten novels, “Nagmani trilogy’ and ‘Agent A series’ has made a new history in the world of Gujarati literature. His novel ‘Sandhya Suraj’ has made a record of being out of stock just two months after publishing. His novel ‘The Fan – A madness’ has forced Gujarati readers to read the whole novel in a single sitting. His novel ‘Shamanani Shodhma’ has made readers drop tears during their reading as well as feel thrilled and wait for the disclosure of suspense. He has translated more than 80 world-famous books into Gujarati including the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Vicky Trivedi has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from IGNOU one of the largest universities in India. He currently lives with his family in Deesa, a city in Gujarat state in India. You can reach Vicky Trivedi at: E-mail: vinodtrivedi21@gmail.com Facebook page: https://www. Facebook.com/vicky4591/

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