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The story begins with Yuktha and Yashas being enemies. Their well-wishers are trying to figure out ways to get them back together. For the same, a Truth Or Dare game is planned. As the game goes on, questions posed to Yuktha and Yashas are such that they are forced to get emotional and speak their heart out! By the time the game comes to an end, Yashas realizes that he did hurt Yuktha!
The Flashback! This is the next phase of the story that describes Yuktha’s personality and the reasons why she is so! Equally, Yashas isn’t any less complicated nor is his story any less interesting! These complicated personalities of Yuktha and Yashas turn them into enemies over a few incidents, while they were supposed to become a couple.
Yuktha does know Yashas isn’t an unethical man. But, she is equally convinced that he isn’t suitable to be her life partner. Adding, her anger for him isn’t draining off yet! Yashas has to work with Yuktha’s friends this time to get tips and tricks to melt her anger off! Those efforts should even include the disclosure of the mystery of why Yuktha is angry at Yashas.
Every problem has a solution. Every anger has a way to off it off! Yashas now knows the reasons for Yuktha’s anger and so plans the perfect way to melt it off! Now that Yashas has made heartful and hard efforts to win Yuktha back, it’s mandatory for Yuktha to fall for him. She is now in love with him. And so does the happy ending happen!

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