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Ghanshyam Shastri- Vikram Patel, son of a famous Jeweler in Ahmedabad shoots himself on Diwali night, just a month from his wedding. The police close the case, citing personal problems as the reason as mentioned in the suicide note. But the victim’s fiancé is not satisfied and wants to know the real reason. She hires a private detective to solve the case. Will the twenty-six years old detective, Ghanshyam Shastri be able to solve this case, which is also the first case of his life? Join the investigation with him.

Ghanshyam Shashtri – case 2: What happened on Saturday night- Payal Kothari is found dead on a Sunday Morning in the hotel, The Great Landmark in the
city of Ahmedabad. Inspector Ratan, in charge of the case, finds it really difficult to get to
the root of the mystery as there is a lot of pressure on him from various influential people.
He calls the young detective Ghanshyam Shashtri for help. Will Ghanshyam be able to
solve the second big case of his life? Witness Ghanshyam solve another interesting case –
What Happened on Saturday Night?

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