About us

At RedGrab Books, we believe in the power of stories and make ways for these stories to reach bookworms. Our publishing journey has led us to sense of contentment that comes with introducing some of the finest writers from the Indian subcontinent along with NRIs.

We are proud publishers of diverse writers like, Deepak Ruhani, Sandeep Nayyar, Hidayatullah Khan, Saras Azad, Kuldeep Raghav, Sandeep Sharma, Abhirup Dhar, Directors like Sanjib Dey, Jaideep Chopra, Film Actors Alok Pandey, Amit Bimrot, Script Writers Like Rajesh Beri, famous poets like  Dr. Rahat Indori, Popular Meeruthi, Swapnil Tiwari, Kaif Bhopali, Sonroopa Vishal and many more.

We possess and extensively exercise our ability to recognize and hone talent when previously unpublished authors and poets approach us with their manuscripts and it gives us immense pleasure every time we are able to provide a fully functional platform to launch young talent in the world of literature.

Contact Information

Address: 942, Mutthiganj Prayagraj 211003

Email: redgrabbooks@gmail.com