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I chose to write on this subject as many fellow mothers are tired of traditional parenting myths and need a one-stop solution for all their parenthood questions, a like-minded partner in the beginning of their journey. This book will contain all the spheres of parenthood, covering from conception to raising the next generation. It will be an ode to all the mothers whose contribution is immense in the making of world class citizens. We often forget to pat ourselves on our back as no one else gives us that credit for being a 24*7 mother, therefore, this book will remind mothers and fathers about their due share of understanding in so
many twisted tales of vibrant parenthood, full of joys and tears.
The motive is to encourage people to think beyond what is said, what is heard, and what is right and make the choices for their heirs. We should not twist the sacred, and unconditional emotions behind the curtains of parenting challenges with mythological mindsets that restrict the opening passages of noble beliefs. This book will inspire and guide the parents and the upcoming generations looking for lesser rigorousness but the need of the hour is practical advice.
The core of my book is not educating people as I am not writing something new that they would not know, but we forgot ourselves amidst all the hustle and bustle. The central message revolves around not leaving yourself behind and not compromising on your dreams because kids are not a stumbling block but a building block of life around us. I want my readers to connect with their instincts as this is to make you feel relatable. If by any chance, I could revolutionise anyone’s life to even a minor extent, my purpose of spreading the message would be fulfilled.
There are not dozens of bibliographies, but tons of emotions of different parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and the societal outlook have been associated while co-relating with them. In the world of technological advancement and nuclear warfare, we are still stuck on the basics of life, and most of life goes about figuring out the right and wrong ways but not the happy ways of life.
The core happiness makes a patient healthy, not the medicines and procedural checkups. Likewise, parenting is a part of life but we forget to live to the fullest after becoming parents. This is a significant responsibility but not a hindrance that we halt our lives while raising our kids. We have entangled the threads of life that we are stuck in a circle of meaningless norms of society.
I am here to unplug the lives of people who are reading the book to relate to their journey when in doubt or overjoyed with wisdom. We must balance everything to create a happy environment of empathy, understanding and happiness.
This book is an ode to all the mothers and fathers and even those individuals who are the supporting system of this society, who help others grow, motivate and break the shackles of orthodoxy. I am grateful to all the mothers who have inspired me to write on this subject organically. All from the heart to relate with the readers of this modern generation. My heartfelt thanks to each individual who made me realise my capabilities to write and direct people at this younger age where I am still learning and life is an ongoing process of learning and un-learnings.
I am truly grateful to my Mentor, Gen Raj Mehta, as he has not only inspired but directed my point of views about life to be an all-rounder. His associations were not limited to military research, warfare, museums and art but life itself is a wonderful blend of everyday learning. His visionary teachings have inspired me to be more efficient towards everything I do in life.

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25 September 2022


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