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Gunpoint Groom- What do you do when a twist of fate turns your life upside down overnight? All you hoped for turns into a bizarre caricature. Your own plans start mocking at you. Karan’s perfect life and perfect romance come crashing when he gets kidnapped and is forced to marry a stranger. His fate is decided at gunpoint. A saga of drama and introspection starts soon after leading to a transformational journey into self-discovery. It is no less a drama for Kavya, the forced bride. Gunpoint groom explores the murky world of groom kidnapping and what takes place in the families that go through it. There’s love, romance, sex, sadness and twist in the novel which explores a culture clash of ideas and traditions that modern India is. The subject of Inter-State migration, tradition, politics and freewill makes a heady cocktail until everything starts falling in place in the lives of the protagonists. A fast-paced page-turner, gunpoint groom will take you on a rollercoaster ride which you may not want to get off from.

Honey & The Moon-  A novel to set your heart on fire! Love, lust, career, ambition, drive for success, failure, marriage, infidelity. Honey and the moon is the story of an ambitious career woman – Srishti. A woman who doesn’t blink to participate in a man’s world, but a woman who is also equally needy inside for a man to be there to support and love her. Conflicts of career success, relationship highs and lows and even infidelity enter Shrishti’s journey as she finds love, finds success, loses them and tries to find them again. Shrishti has courage to deal with life. But will she finally have it all drawn together in her maverick heart? Her story is a racy kaleidoscope of non-conformity and adventure.


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